What to Buy Wednesday – Reusable Water Bottle

So you're pregnant. Aren't you seriously thirsty now?

Since I'm not a medical professional all I can offer is my personal experience. But I have never been more thirsty than when I was pregnant. It's one of the Goddess' evil tricks she plays on us. The more pregnant we get, the thirstier we are, and the smaller our bladder gets. Oh, and then she throws in fluid retention...which is ironically helped by MORE WATER.

I'm going to ask you to be green and NOT buy water bottles. Get a reusable one! Of course with the uncertainty about PBA plastic bottles, it may be hard to find one that you feel safe with. I want to error on the side of safety...That said, I'm still toting around my cancer bottle. I might error, but I'm a lazy person sometimes. But back to YOU!

The Center for the New American Dream has a great marketplace where you can investigate which PBA-free bottle is for you. Disclaimer: The executive director for CNAD is also a Progressive Women's Voice...that's how I know about this resource. But no, she has no idea I'm totally pointing you to her org's website. Also, I know that the price for these bottles is about $15. That seems a lot for a water bottle, especially for lower income women. But a friend put it this way, if you went 2 weeks buying a bottle a day that would be at least $15. So get one and then you're done!

Of course, when you're out and don't have your bottle or can't find a fountain to refill at, go ahead and grab that disposable water bottle! Just don't reuse it, k? And seriously, I've never had a restaurant or coffee shop turn down my polite request to fill up my water bottle...especially after I plop down $4 for a chai.

I'll return to this green theme later, but believe me, once you start reading about how well you have to take care of your body, you're gonna read the label for everything you bring into your home. Just breathe. You can't make your condo a toxin-free zone. All you can do is minimize what you have control over. There a zillion other things you have to worry about, focus...You still need to pick a name for the lil sprout.

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