Carnival of Feminists #65

The Carnival of Feminists #65 is up!

And who makes up HALF of the Palin coverage? Moi.

Sarah Palin Gets Her Own Section

Sarah Palin is good for feminism! No, wait, she'll destroy everything we've fought for! But whatever happens, at least she provides a good opportunity to talk about reproductive justice.

Mad Kane managed to sneak a peek into Sarah Palin's super-secret Barracuda diary to see what she thinks of all this:

Oops! Lieberman just sneaked up on me and started yelling about my diary -- he says my calling him "Joe the Jew" is anti-semitic. His point?

Anyway, that just proves he's jealous. He's been kissing Johnny-boy's butt forever and he came thisclose to the Veep pay-off. And then I stole his ball ... actually, both of them.
Lots of good stuff in there, so grab a cuppa something and kick back. Or if you're like me, hunch over that keyboard.