DHHS comment deadline approaching!!

Instead of trying to rewrite this, I'll paste an email I received from a friend:

As most of you already know, on August 21st the Department of Health and Human Services released proposed regulations that could seriously undermine womens' access to reproductive health services, including birth control and abortion. The ACLU's Reproductive Freedom Project posted about it on the ACLU blog and Daily Kos, and sent out a web button to put on your sites (below) that sends readers' responses to HHS during the 30-day comment period that will be ending on September 25th.

So far, a partial list of blogs and online news sites posting the ACLU button and/or Action Alert includes BitchPhD, Daily Kos (several diaries), Digby, Feministing, Pandagon, RH Reality Check, and Shakesville. And barely halfway through the comment period, over 34,000 readers have contacted HHS through the ACLU button/Action Alert alone.

Please keep it up. Post on these regs and/or put up the ACLU button/Action Alert (below). Volume counts and the deadline for comments is September 25th.

Protect Birth Control

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