Hockey Mom vs. Soccer Mom

I was thinking about how Palin keeps touting her experience as a hockey mom, that I'm a full fledged soccer mom now (practice was yesterday!) then I was inspired by Mamita Mala's post about privilege, I thought that I'd price out the starting cost for this executive experience:

All prices are from Sports Authority. Please leave a comment if you think I forgot a piece of equipment. I left out things that might be under uniform (t-shirt, jersey, etc.) and I priced things out as cheap as possible on both sides.

Hockey Equipment Cost
Soccer Equipment Cost
Easton Synergy SY50 Senior Ice Hockey Skate 49.99
Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball 9.99
Nike Bauer Supreme 30 Senior Ice Hockey Shoulder Pads 59.99
Pro Feet Mens Acrylic All-Sport Team Sock - Minimum 2 Pairs Per Order 2.99
Nike Bauer Supreme 30 Senior Ice Hockey Elbow Pads 39.99
Lotto Stadio Azzurri Team FG 2T Soccer Cleat Mens 44.99
Nike Bauer Supreme 30 Senior Ice Hockey Shin Guards 24.97
adidas Predator Lite Shin Guards 6.99
Nike Bauer 1500 Ice Hockey Helmet & Cage Combo 44.99
adidas Valiente Short Mens 19.99
Koho 2100 Ultimate Senior Hockey Stick with ABS Blade 14.99

Total 234.92
Total 84.95

Something makes me think that the experience of a hockey mom isn't as shared as the GOP wants us to think.


Dani L said...

And this is why I love you so much!

RH Reality Check said...

You are so fabulous, Veronica!! My daughter started soccer last week (second year) and my son plays baseball (not as expensive as you think, by the way). But, yes, clearly hockey is not exactly the sport we all share. But then again, you gotta love the GOP's martyring of small town life as the "real Americana"... anyone who isn't white & Christian and living in a small town isn't a true American, essentially.

Amie Newman

D.R. Bartlette said...

True that. In my town, parents have to pay for all equipment & stuff for all extracurricular activities - which leaves low-income kids out cold.
Try pricing cheerleading/drill team. In 1989, with the uniform and camp, it was almost $300 (which was why I couldn't participate).

Jack said...

Actually, the biggest expenses for Hockey parents is ice time. hundreds of dollars. HUNDREDS.

Veronica said...

D- thanks.
AN- Yeah, I played softball...I think that "it's expensive" has to do with the field more than anything.
DR- Tell me about it. I was on color guard...i skipped camp.
QoS- Thanks for the info! I knew fees would skew things, but wow.

Coma Girl said...

My step-son's ice hockey costs $1,600 this fall - it's ridiculous. We have to save up for it every year.

My daughter will be playing soccer ;)

Victory Garden said...

We linked to this in our post "Why Sarah Palin is Bad for American Women" at the CA NOW blog:

Unknown said...

Sarah Palin thinks being a Hockey MOM makes her tough and capable... I was a Ballet MOM for 16 years. Seasons are year-round; my husband and I both work more than one job in addition to ALL the duties and support of being BALLET Parents. Some years costs upward of $10,000 and that was without sending our daughter away to the most prestigious ballet programs in NY, Boston, SF, etc.

She makes my skin crawl for SO many reasons, especially when she opens her mouth and out comes belittling comments about "anyone" who doesn't fit her idea of what a good-christian American is. Guess what, American isn't a Christian country and she's not a good Christian or she wouldn't be judging others!!!

Veronica said...

Thanks Dana!!