Hockey Mom vs. Soccer Mom

I was thinking about how Palin keeps touting her experience as a hockey mom, that I'm a full fledged soccer mom now (practice was yesterday!) then I was inspired by Mamita Mala's post about privilege, I thought that I'd price out the starting cost for this executive experience:

All prices are from Sports Authority. Please leave a comment if you think I forgot a piece of equipment. I left out things that might be under uniform (t-shirt, jersey, etc.) and I priced things out as cheap as possible on both sides.

Hockey Equipment Cost
Soccer Equipment Cost
Easton Synergy SY50 Senior Ice Hockey Skate 49.99
Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball 9.99
Nike Bauer Supreme 30 Senior Ice Hockey Shoulder Pads 59.99
Pro Feet Mens Acrylic All-Sport Team Sock - Minimum 2 Pairs Per Order 2.99
Nike Bauer Supreme 30 Senior Ice Hockey Elbow Pads 39.99
Lotto Stadio Azzurri Team FG 2T Soccer Cleat Mens 44.99
Nike Bauer Supreme 30 Senior Ice Hockey Shin Guards 24.97
adidas Predator Lite Shin Guards 6.99
Nike Bauer 1500 Ice Hockey Helmet & Cage Combo 44.99
adidas Valiente Short Mens 19.99
Koho 2100 Ultimate Senior Hockey Stick with ABS Blade 14.99

Total 234.92
Total 84.95

Something makes me think that the experience of a hockey mom isn't as shared as the GOP wants us to think.