04 September 2008

Palin reminds me of why I hated high school

I'm not saying that high school is the only place where Mean Girls live, but you can't help but be transported back to that time when you're minding your own business and someone with a smile walks up to you and rips you a new one. I'm not shy to say that there are plenty of people I met in high school who still make my skin crawl and I'm sure I do the same to others. My response to being looked down on, mocked, and teased is to hit back harder. I'm not proud of it today, but it was my survival skill.

Yet I'm still left to wonder that if a pit bull like Palin can wow the GOP, why in the world do they still think that Hillary & Pelosi are so shrill & mean? Could it be that they really react to their politics and would rather attack their appearance and voice? I'll admit that at times last night I reacted poorly to Palin's accent, but that was just because I was over my bullshit limit from the words coming from her mouth.

It scares me that she started a roaring ovation that lasted what seemed like 2 minutes based on the idea that as Americans, as the greatest democracy on this planet, that we want to limit anyone's legal rights.

It is clearly obvious that if Palin & the GOP don't know what a community organizer is, they have no sense of community at all.

We know what the deal is now...to define a community organizer to the country. That shouldn't be hard. Obama's story seems pretty well defined. He came in to help a community who appeared to have been ignored by the local, state, and national elected officials. I'm sure that there are more people out there who have felt neglected and ignored by electeds than people who have faith in them. This year we have a chance to elect a man who can embody the best of both roles.

As they say in street hockey...Game on.

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MichelleCH said...

Amen. It also doesn't help that the commentators were mocking community organizers. Hello, do they remember when children worked in factories? One woman had the nerve to say that for her community organizers are the people who protest in front of the Gap.

I also take offense to the constant reference that she is a mom juggling just like all moms do..Again, she doesn't have ANY help? I highly doubt it.

I thought it was funny that the RNC is saying that she is the middleclass woman that everyone knows. Yes, I know her - and do not like her.

Her voice annoys the heck out of me!