Talking Points

Part of the Progressive Women's Voices training is teaching us to get our talking points down. And for those of you who haven't had to do this with trained professionals, let me tell you it is exhausting.

There was a chance for me to be on a national radio show but the staff wanted to make sure I was ready and had talking points. So I spent 15 minutes on talking points for the topic, called them back, and the staff person immediately said, "Too long."

We then spent 30 minutes going thru each of my three talking points making each one shorter and more to the point. My problem is that I feel like I have a good story to tell for somethings, but stories just don't always fit into a talking point. Sometimes they do, but today most of mine didn't.

I got off the phone to rewrite my points and wait to hear if the show wanted me or another PWV'er who had also volunteered. Well the slot itself closed up, but they were interested in me.

This is good and bad...Good cause there might be a good chance that I could be on a national radio show and possibly show the PWV staff that I can hold my own. When I'm on the phone with them practicing, I sound like an idiot and I know it is because I am far more nervous about them listening to me than debating any radio host. The bad is that I have to work on more talking points.

I'm pushing myself in this program further than I would have on my own. There have been times when I've wanted to quit, thinking that I just don't have "it," but then I think that I must have something if they even invited me to sit at the table.