This and that...

OMFG I am drowning in things to blog about, yet I still have writers block. That's me. Instead of trying to sort thru it all, I present you with a list of things to read and do:

  • American Express is giving away money to non-profits, but they need your vote. Women for Women International’s (W4WI) Help Women and Children Survivors of War Rebuild project is now in the running to receive part of $2.5 million in grants. The Winning Project will receive $1.5 Million in funding, the 2nd Place Project: $500,000; the 3rd Place Project: $300,000; and the remaining two Finalist Projects will receive $100,000 each.Photobucket
  • Michelle Goldberg attended the Women Against Sarah Palin demonstration. Read all about it!
  • I created a calendar for this blog. I was trying to blog upcoming events, but that fell by the wayside...instead I present to you my picks for feminist events in Chicago that you should be attending. Yeah, most of them I'll be at or have a hand in promoting, but still, you should be there. If you have events that should go on there, feel free to send them to me.
  • My buddy Amy is now selling Tastefully Simple. So go check out their goodies and email me your order by September 24th. Please note...she does not have a consultant page, so we need to send her an email with our orders. And if you want to send me a Solstice/Christmas/birthday bread.
  • AAUW releases their AAUW Releases Congressional Voting Record. "To help the electorate make an informed decision, AAUW also released voter guides for the November elections – not just for the presidential race but also for some key Senate races. Additional voter guides will be added throughout the fall."
  • I got myself on the hook for a nice list of encyclopedia entries: Adams, Abigail; Girlhood and Motherhood; National Organization for Women; Public Policy and Mothers; Stanton, Elizabeth Cady; Suffrage Movement and Mothers. Um...anyone want to help? Details are forthcoming.
  • I must also mention again that I'm now writing over at AWEARNESS. You can click on my profile and find just my pieces as well as subscribe to my RSS feed. But seriously you should read the whole blog. But you just love me, that's kewl too. :)