Today's blog was brought to you by the letter O (Oprah & the Olympics)

Are you finally recovered from the Olympics?

Are you wishing that they were every weekend?

Fear not my Olympic obsessed friends...Oprah is here for you!

Today is the Big O's season premiere and if you haven't heard, it features over 175 Olympians.

I'll have to watch carefully to see if any of them say something about "I'm great at this, but I really struggle/work hard..." something that I can feed to the 5yo about working hard at things you are already great at in order to reach that next level.

The kid is lucky. She's naturally gifted at both academics and athletics. Which also means that in both areas of her life she gets super frustrated over hitting walls on that learning curve.

Sounding out words too hard? Make it up!

The soccer ball way down the field? Let someone else run their butt off to stop a goal!

*sigh* Part of what makes this sooo damn hard to deal with is that I see so much of her daddy & me in her. The whole "gotta quit before I lose" mentality...Ugh. It's hard enough to have to deal with it in her, but then of course, it makes me look within and reevaluate certain decisions in my life. *big sigh*

Althou she hates the word quit. Saturday night she said she changed her mind on soccer, so I told her that she had to go to the game to tell her coach she was quitting. She freaked. "I don't like that word!" and then of course we tried to explain to her that "changing her mind to play soccer" the night of the game was quitting. She was having none of it.

Lesson learned on both sides...She knows when it's quitting and we know not to use that word. That the Q word (which is an O with a tail!) is a four-letter-word for her. In the end she decided, not us, to keep playing this season, but after that not play again until she's 13. I have no idea why that age and I didn't ask why. We'll see how long this self-imposed early retirement from soccer will last. Anyone have Mia's phone number for an intervention?