23 September 2008

Viva Latina blogging!

I found two new Latina blogs thanks to the Alltop - Top Chicano News page. OK, maybe they are Chicana blogs...Wanna know something funny? When I was a kid I thought Chicano meant that you were Latino and from Chicago. It makes more sense in this world of Bennifer & Brangelina.

Feminist Mexicana Y Que! has a ton of poetry.

THE FEM TEAM is just starting back up after the author decided to put the LSAT on the back burner. She wants to be an immigration lawyer, so click on her Google ads so she can take a prep class and start to kick legal ass.


***Don't forget to enter to win 8 books by Latino authors***


bfp said...

LOLOLOL, I TOTALLY thought the same thing. It's our way of saying the *chi* sound, I think *chi* cano, *chi* cago? rather than Shicago like all those non spanish speakers. haha.

bfp said...

((what I meant was *chee* cago or *chee* cano)) (((but I thought I was thinking in spanish although I don't even speak spanish, and thinking of the "i" in spanish!! lol)