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What to Buy Wednesday – The Diaper Bag

Here me now, believe me later...

The only person to pick out a diaper bag should be the person using it. Since most women do the caregiving in this egalitarian world, let's talk about that first.

Mamas-to-be...First, do you think you're going to carry around that cute purse AND a diaper bag? You can try, but I'll bet that you'll get tired of it and start throwing your wallet, keys, and other stuff in with the rattle, wipes, and butt cream. Make sure that the diaper bag has a section FOR YOU. I had a pretty simple bag, two open sections plus a middle zippered section that held the changing pad. Come to think of it, it was pretty much like my work bag now, except in the middle is now my laptop. Hmmm....

Anywho, when out shopping for a bag, empty your purse essentials in there and then see if you have enough room for baby stuff. Yeah, put your stuff in there first. Selfish? Maybe, but you're gonna be pissed if you're out and can't find lip balm.

For daddies there are man bags out there, but I haven't tested any of them and can't tell if they are worth it versus just taking the mommy purse stuff out of the bag. Any daddy baggers reading this?

For most of us parents, the diaper bag will be our constant companion for at least 2 years, so choose wisely. Then when you find it, put it on your registry.

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BobS said…
Our diaper bag was actually a backpack. It opened up to reveal a nice little pad to place the baby on. It had lots of pockets and a hip belt to take weight off of the shoulders.

When we went camping in the mountains, it could carry hiking supplies as well as baby supplies and the pad was great because we often changed the kids on stony ground.

After they graduated from diapers, it still saw service has an all-around daypack for hikes. It lasted for many years but finally wore out from all of the use it got.

I think we got it at REI, but I'm not sure. I still have fond memories of it. Nothing like changing a baby among the snow capped peaks of North America.....

Bob S.
Victory Garden said…
I swear by the Baby Bandolier. I've used it for 2.5 years with my daughter, and it's the most compact and best bag I've used.
Anonymous said…
You know, so many people tell me I should make and sell diaper bags. But the variety of needs and options is so overwhelming that I just can't begin to figure out the best pattern.

Yep, my creative space managment is beat by a baby's needs.
Veronica said…
C - I think that your simple style could lend itself to a great diaper bag. There a zillion different types out there, my post was just that women need to pick them out themselves.

That said, one word - POCKETS

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