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17 September 2008

What to Buy Wednesday – Robe

I know what you're thinking, the robe is for the hospital. Well, yes, it is. If all goes well and a woman gives birth vaginally, she might only be in the hospital 2 nights. I rushed things (surprise!) and only spent one night. So having a nice robe is good to have when shuffling around the maternity ward and greeting loved ones.

BUT...once you get home you're gonna be spending a lot of time in that robe too.

For one, the first week or two you might not get out of your robe until lunchtime. And even after you get into a routine, you still might want to stay in your robe...Yes, after the kid arrives, you might find that comfy desire to stay in your robe, drink your tea or coffee, and enjoy those precious few minutes before everyone else wakes up.

Because you'll be spending some time in your robe, I suggest you get two. At least. And seriously, what is better than a nice warm fluffy robe straight from the dryer?

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Kimmy27 said...

Never wore a robe, never wanted to. After each child was born, ages 14, 13 and 8, always showered and wore at least sweats. Looking good, or at least clean, made me feel better.

Renee said...

I am a believer in the robe and you should have more than two. You have to account for spit up. My boys are 7 and 3 still they have a way of making me messy. Kids touch you with their messy hands and the next thing that you know you are covered in their mess. I have given up wearing white.

Veronica said...

kim - hehe...yeah, a good pair of sweats is a must as well.

renee - i think the older they get, the more likely they get us dirty.


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