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29 September 2008

Work it, Mom! Monday & other stuff

Today I'm asking for you & the members of the Work it, Mom! community to weigh in on the bail out.

Also, don't forget to check out my AWEARNESS blog posts from the last week:
And lastly...the winner of the 8-pack of Latin@ authors? *drumroll*

#4! And OMFG...it's bfp! Once a skeptic of giveaways, she's now a two-time winner at VLF. She's gonna have to cut a commercial for me now so I can get an uptick in readers. ;-) Congrats mujerista!!

I used the research randomizer form before I even peeked at who commented & in what order.

One last thing...a friend is doing the JDRF walk in Mississippi, if you can please support her.



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