Work it, Mom! Monday

My opening paragraph at Work it, Mom! says it all. Happy Labor Day!

Can I get an whoop whoop? I am tired, for reals readers! First I stayed up to listen to the speeches for the DNC all week, then I thought Friday I could try to take a break to work on some other writing when BAM! McCain drops a bomb on all of us with the Palin pick. Just as I’m trying to wrap my pretty feminista head around Palin and KA-BOOM! It was all about whether Trig was Sarah or Bristol’s son and then I check my Twitter this morning and Bristol is 5-months pregnant NOW? I need a pundit vacation. But alas, in my devotion to all things politics, I give you the low down on what the GOP and McCain have in store for women and working moms:
Others who have more time to write or heads aren't spinning as fast as mine is: