Work it, Mom! Monday

Whoooooo...wee! Is it a Work it, Mom day! I am pooped and see no rest for this wicked mama.

First up, my post today at Work it, Mom addresses some of the confusion that people have about the NOW PAC endorsement of Obama/Biden. It's a bit revealing on the inner workings of NOW, one of the most crazy and passionate organizations I could ever be involved with.

Last night one of my aunts got married & I spent some overdue time with aunts & uncles who live in the burbs. The problem with my dad's side of the family is that when we all left our suburb, I went east to Chicago and they went west to the hinterland suburbs. So it's rare for any of us to really be in each other's neighborhood without a major event happening.

Since my dad's sister got married he came into town and took the kid off our hands. I was able to have dinner with Cinnamon and Lauren. I also coined a new term - Poiserati - for those of us gals with Poise bags. Yet somehow we failed to take a picture of the three of us with our New York bag. THEN Cinnamon & I got our boys and headed to a bar for some drinks & chatting. Wine, beer, friends...couldn't had been a better night.

Except Friday we added Dar Williams in the mix. She was in town promoting her new CD. It was the first time since I started going to her shows that I didn't do homework on the new CD. It was nice hearing the old stuff and the brand new songs. Sadly this whole Sarah Palin thing is getting to me...During "As Cool As I Am" there is a line, "I will not be afraid of women!" I kept adding "except Sarah Palin!" to it in my head. Oy...

So that's my weekend and now I'm off to one more gathering with my dad and his girlfriend. Ta!

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