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05 October 2008

Feministas Giving Back

Viva la Feminista is participating in the 2008 Blogger Challenge to raise money for public schools. I chose two schools - one in Chicago & one in Georgia - both labeled high poverty and both who are asking for money that will go towards their women's history projects.

I vividly remember being pissed off when I realized that I hadn't learned about the suffragists earlier in life. I knew of Abigail Adams & Eleanor Roosevelt only because I decided that 5th grade was First Lady year. Back then I could tell you about almost every First Lady.

The total needed to fulfill both classes wishes is just over $600. So I'm asking you to take $5, the cost of a cuppa something that Starbucks or a Subway sandwich, and donate it to these kids. Let's show them the power of feminism.



One classroom funded - one to go. Great post - I always loved Donor's Choose!


Nah.... just blessed by good fortune, wonderful family and terrific friends.

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