15 October 2008

Happy Love Your Body Day!

To celebrate I will attempt 24 hours of not hating on my own body:
  • I will enjoy the moment when the kid wraps her arms around my belly and says, "I love you mommy because you are squishy!"
  • I will have a good hair day, no matter what.
  • I will enjoy using my body to garden (project at work!).
  • I will sit up straight.
  • I will smile because I'm happy not because someone tells me to.
  • I will eat without guilt, even if I watch my portions.
What will you do for yourself today?


NC-Mama / Rebekah Spicuglia said...

I'm going to officially stop worrying about this wedding I'm going to on Sunday!!

KimboBurly said...

I'm not going to even stress about anything. My life will never fit into any box, so I will just enjoy this wild ride without complaining. =)

t said...

BRAVO!!!!!!!!! I love my curves, they are earned. GREAT POST. My favorite post of the day

Michele said...

Today, I will enjoy being me. With all my flaws and all my goodness. I will just enjoy being me.

jessica said...

This is a wonderful list. I linked to you with my own body-loving list on Shine. Bravo, beautiful mama!