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15 October 2008

Happy Love Your Body Day!

To celebrate I will attempt 24 hours of not hating on my own body:
  • I will enjoy the moment when the kid wraps her arms around my belly and says, "I love you mommy because you are squishy!"
  • I will have a good hair day, no matter what.
  • I will enjoy using my body to garden (project at work!).
  • I will sit up straight.
  • I will smile because I'm happy not because someone tells me to.
  • I will eat without guilt, even if I watch my portions.
What will you do for yourself today?


NC-Mama said...

I'm going to officially stop worrying about this wedding I'm going to on Sunday!!

Just Kim U said...

I'm not going to even stress about anything. My life will never fit into any box, so I will just enjoy this wild ride without complaining. =)

Cheryl said...

BRAVO!!!!!!!!! I love my curves, they are earned. GREAT POST. My favorite post of the day

Michele said...

Today, I will enjoy being me. With all my flaws and all my goodness. I will just enjoy being me.

Jessica Ashley (Sassafrass) said...

This is a wonderful list. I linked to you with my own body-loving list on Shine. Bravo, beautiful mama!


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