Where My Girls At?

Alrighty Feminista readers, there are less than 10 days left in the DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge!

Thanks to the Working Mom Gourmet for the first and ONLY donation!

So, peeps, it's up to the rest of ya. I know that time is tough on all of us, but seriously, I'm asking for you to donate $5. One-two cuppa coffees this week, depending on how you like your java.

First the classroom:
Mr. B wants this funding ($356 or 71 donors at $5 each) because:
My students need to see 27 examples of women writers who are creating fiction that is captivating and relevant to their lives. I encourage the young women in my class to be leaders, and I am confident that they can help me make reading cool.
These books will be used in future classes, so your $5 will live on for years to come.

Next the thank you gifts:
I have been able to get a few fellow feministas to donate some items as swag for people who donate. If you donate at least $5, your name will go into a drawing for the following items:
  • A copy of Ellen Bravo's Taking on the Big Boys
    Why Feminism is Good for Families, Business, and the Nation
  • A copy of Leslie Bennett's The Feminine Mistake
  • A copy of Gloria Feldt's War on Choice: The Right-Wing Attack on Women's Rights and How to Fight Back
  • A University of South Carolina t-shirt from Ann Bartow of Feminist Law Professors
If you donate and then blog or twitter this you'll get one additional chance at the prizes per blog or twitter up to two. If you twitter and I'm not following you, @veronicaeye to let me know.

BUT...for the donor who gives the most will be your very own Poise Dots Meets Stripes tote. Cinnamon's bags are all hand-made and all materials used to make this bag are guaranteed to be sweatshop free and except for the snaps are made in the United States.

So what are you waiting for? Donate now!