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12 November 2008

Buy Mary Kay Products and Support CWHC!

Normally I'm not one to push Mary Kay products. I still twitch when I hear their name...too much animal rights protesting in high school not to mention Berkley Breathed cartoons. BUT...I know from a very trusted source that Mary Kay did change their ways and are bunny safe. And then this just came thru on my Facebook that I had to pass along to y'all because I love the Chicago Women's Health Center:

Mary Kay rep and Chicago Women's Health Center supporter, Marsena Holsopple, has generously offered to give us 50% of her profits from now through December 31!

Now you can pamper yourself, do holiday shopping, and support CWHC at the same time--all you have to do is go to www.marykay.com/marsena and type CWHC in the memo line when you check out.

In addition to cosmetics, Mary Kay offers soaps, lotions, skin care, sunscreen, lip balms, fragrance, gift certificates, and a variety of luxurious spa products. Marsena will also provide complimentary gift wrapping and delivery of gifts to your home or office.

Another way you can help: spread the word about the promotion! Forward this great offer on to your friends and family.

Also, if you or anyone you know is interested in career opportunities with Mary Kay, Marsena will donate $5 to the health center for everyone who comes with her to a career event.
Source: www.marykay.com


somair said...

That is a really encouraging idea as a whole. Being a Doctor from a third world country and currently residing in Chicago, I think CWHC is doing an amazing job in recognizing, treating and providing care as well as awareness to the local populace about Maternal and Child Health Care issues. And the better part being the generosity and care shown by small business owners like Marsena in helping places like CWHC. I think her efforst should definitely be lauded along with CWHC and any one can pamper herself by Maryky products and at the same time support CWHC.


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