GIVEAWAY:: The American Journey of Barack Obama

Thanks to my friends at Hachette Book, I am offering a copy of The American Journey of Barack Obama to ONE lucky reader!

I have a copy of my own and it's beautiful. There are photos we've all seen and some that we haven't, including one of Obama giving his anti-Iraq War speech in 2002. Oh, if only any of us at Federal Plaza had an inkling what was in store for him then. I guess if anyone did, they would have videotaped it!

To enter this drawing you need to:
1) Write an entry on your blog about [edited to add] anyone in the Obama family or Inauguration Day. Are you planning on heading to DC? Planning a party? It's on a school day, so are you going to let the kids stay home?
2) In your entry link back to this post. [edited to add] If you already posted something, yes, you can just edit in a link to this post to an older post.
3) Comment so I know to look for your post.

COMMENT. Just comment and leave your email address. I want to give this fabulous book away, so please enter.

Winner will be determined by your COMMENT number and

DEADLINE is Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at midnight. EXTENDED!


Madama said...

There are 51 sections of the poem Song of Myself by Walt Whitman, and approximately 60+ days to inauguration. I am recording the entire poem in honor of the inauguration, and will finish on Jan. 20. I do not plan to be there in person--that's just beyond my physical abilities--but I am poem-ing my way there in a very enthralled way.

Did you know that Whitman considered himself the "poet of democracy"...???...although many of the references in the poem are to scenes long gone from American life, I know them! How? In my American collective unconscious? From reading? From films? I can feel each word on my own tongue, as if I am the poet who translates what it's like to "contain multitudes."

How did this happen? I was lying on the couch, thinking about nothing, being pure yin, resting. Suddenly had a un-ignorable urge to read Song of Myself. Had read it sometime...not really read it...had looked at it...remembered that I made a mental note to really read it one I went to the computer and for the next 3 hours, read and cried as I scrolled up and down this time machine in black & white. This was before Obama won the election and I was already crying about everything, just so raw and ragged.

Song of Myself is a reach into the past that shocks me into the present and replenishes my human-ness. The world he writes about is a memory now, but Whitman's mind is completely modern, imo. I must read this poem, I must record it and podcast it in order to go forward into the next...where I will get to remember what it's like to be fully human among so many others who are opening up again...thank you,'re a sister...

Patricia DeGennaro said...

Hi v. Love that book and I am happy to link you all up to my blog and write something for the inauguration day. Writing about the Secretary of State issue now though. Very interesting. Anyway, millions of people are going to DC so we are thinking of having our own ball here in New York. Wonder if I can get someone to donate some really nice clothes for us to wear. Oscar anyone?

More later, Tricia

Minxy Mimi said...

I would love to win this book!!! I am so proud to have voted for this man!

Victory Garden said...

I have family in Maryland and DC, and I wish I had the money to travel to see the inauguration. Here's a link to my post about the election and taking my daughter with me to vote.

B said...

i'm game! i don't have a blog to link to (although i can write one up in my blogger account-- used for lame grad school reading responses), but i can honestly say that i am proud to have voted for obama, and even more proud that he won.

enjoy your thanksgiving!

cripchick said...

heard about this via a tweet (god i love twitter!), and want to put my name in. :)