GIVEAWAY:: The American Journey of Barack Obama

Thanks to my friends at Hachette Book, I am offering a copy of The American Journey of Barack Obama to ONE lucky reader!

I have a copy of my own and it's beautiful. There are photos we've all seen and some that we haven't, including one of Obama giving his anti-Iraq War speech in 2002. Oh, if only any of us at Federal Plaza had an inkling what was in store for him then. I guess if anyone did, they would have videotaped it!

To enter this drawing you need to:
1) Write an entry on your blog about [edited to add] anyone in the Obama family or Inauguration Day. Are you planning on heading to DC? Planning a party? It's on a school day, so are you going to let the kids stay home?
2) In your entry link back to this post. [edited to add] If you already posted something, yes, you can just edit in a link to this post to an older post.
3) Comment so I know to look for your post.

COMMENT. Just comment and leave your email address. I want to give this fabulous book away, so please enter.

Winner will be determined by your COMMENT number and

DEADLINE is Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at midnight. EXTENDED!

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