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10 November 2008

Monday morning wake up

I had been using Work it, Mom! Monday to alert you to my weekly column there as well as anything else. Well it's becoming AND anything else, so we need a new name. I'm thinking Monday morning wake-up. If you have a better idea let me know!

So here's your reading list for today:

* At Work it, Mom! I give a quick run down on how women fared in the election as well as my two cents on Sarah Palin. Dang, what am I going to write about without her?
* My latest posts at AWEARNESS:
* And if you missed it, I had a commentary on Larry Summers published on the Women's Media Center site. I'll expand on it at Girl w/Pen on Wednesday, so keep an eye out!

Today's another day off of Chicago public school kids, so I'm at home with the kid and Boy BFF. they are entertaining themselves pretty well while the doxie sniffs around them. I'm hoping to get them out & about in the afternoon. It's too cold for the park or zoo, so some inside play will be in order.

Wednesday is our first parent-teacher conference. Veteran moms, leave some words of advise please!



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