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13 November 2008

NARAL sets the online curve AGAIN

When I consult people and orgs on being an online presence, I always give props to NARAL Pro-Choice America for not just embracing online technologies, but using them the way they should be used. That's why I shouldn't had been surprised when I got the press release yesterday that NARAL is launching a new micro-site with videos:

A web site, www.MyFreeWillPower.com, will feature these videos as well as other technologybased interactive ways for new activists to get involved with NARAL Pro-Choice America’s work, whether it’s taking action on a choice-related issue, forwarding videos to friends, joining our social-networking groups, or participating in contests to promote the pro-choice message.

The revolution will be blogged or broadcast in some format people...get with it.


Anonymous said...

apologies for the OT personal comment, but i got tagged for the "five interesting things" game and figured it's been a while since the last time we all did it - and there are way more than five interesting things about you.....


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