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27 November 2008

What I'm thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving all!

While there are some historical and racist issues with Thanksgiving, it is a tradition in mi familia. I prefer to focus on the gathering of loved ones to share one kick ass meal. So let's get to the thankfulness:

  • My Chicago family: When my parents & sisters left Chicago in 2000 it was weird not having immediate family so close. The in-laws & the nephew are still nearby, but just a jump-skip-and-a-hop away is our family of BFFs and partners-in-parenting.
  • My work: All of it. The daily interaction with young women with big dreams and the fact that I get to help them chase them. The writing that I do - Not just to share my opinions, but to share knowledge and engage in a conversation.
  • My activist family: I am sooo lucky that I get to work with such amazing women to address issues surrounding reproductive justice, mothers rights, and media on a regular basis.
  • My husband & daughter: They put up with all my crap, late night writing, and meetings on meetings on out-of-town meetings! I work as hard as a CEO, but not paid like one. For that alone, thanks.
I'm also thankful for all of you who read this blog and the others I contribute to on a regular basis. I'm thankful for everyone who followed me over here from my old blog. You are my inspiration! All the bloggers I read who push me. My family family who still loves me even with all the distance and my insane schedule that often leads me to be the worst daughter/sister/niece. Ditto for my long-distance friends. And especially thankful for my mentors who still sit down with me on a regular basis and listen to be drone on about how confused I am with where my career is going. Oy, y'all get to read me and move on. Imagine having dinner with me? The doxie also gets a shout out for defending our home. I do wish she weren't so defensive, especially at 2 am. I'm grateful that the career crisis the hubby was in earlier this fall went smoothly and he's in a kick ass job.

Lastly...to all my friends, online & off, coworkers, and just people I know who continue to tell me how fucking awesome I am at this and that. To anyone I left out, I'm thankful for you too. See, I'm not that awesome, I always forget someone!

gobble, gobble!


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