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01 December 2008

Monday morning wake up

I received word over the weekend that I'll be presenting at WAM! 2009! I'm super excited about this panel. Not sure when the official program comes out, but let me tease you with one question I will be posting on the panel: Why do so-so bloggers become superstars and great bloggers go unnoticed? This isn't just a question I ask about myself, I seriously don't think I am a great blogger, good yes, but not superstar material. But I still find myself reading the "hot" bloggers and think, "Chica, So-and-So wrote that later, but a million times better."

And because I do have a lot of travel planned for 2009, I'm seriously thinking of putting a tip jar on this site. I don't want to take ads, but will consider sponsorships from quality companies. Consider...not a done deal yet. That or someone can give me a big ass book advance. Chances are neither will happen. Tip jar it is!

I'm taking a week off of Work it, Mom! so you'll have to enjoy reading my latest AWEARNESS posts. Comments are very much appreciated!

And of course, catch up on what I wrote over the holiday weekend! *burp*


Anonymous said...

Oh man! I'd love, love, love to go to this. Rueing my in-laws and their destination weddings. Ugh. But congrats to you, chica! Knock'em dead. And if you need to rehearse before you get there. ;)


We're planning on attending WAM for the first time next year, and just based on that teaser question, which is something our little clique has discussed a lot recently, your panel sounds awesome. Congrats!

Veronica said...

Can't wait to meet you! Hopefully our panels aren't at the same time. So what does one need to do to be in the clique. I usually don't like cliques, but an evil slut one? I'm in.


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