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My top 10 favorite things I've written this year

As egotistical as this sounds, it's actually a huge challenge for me:

10] My Sarah Palin posts:
9] Why is the IL Dept of Transportion using sex to sell seat belts?: Melissa at Shakesville encouraged me to write this when I sent a note to one of the listservs we're saying that someone else might want to write about it. This post still gets a lot of hits and I suspect from people wanting to look at the videos.

8] Eating out with the kid: I'm such a failure at being a hipster that I enjoy critiquing the culture.

7] The problem with the business of mommy blogging: I got some flack about this, but I'm still proud of this piece. I'm still wrestling with the idea of plugging products on this blog. I read somewhere that selling out is when you go against your beliefs. I think I'm going to use that as a guide star.

6] WAM! - The Day After After :The Bad: My first trip to WAM was, um, interesting. I needed to get all of it out and people are still visiting this blog to read about it. Despite the drama, I'm headed back to WAM

5] If you bring home the bacon, who fries it?: This is one of my more popular posts at Work it, Mom! and that's not the only reason I'm proud of it. I know not all of my posts are fab, but I took a lot of time with this one and I think the product is reflective of that time.

4] Would Hillary's Promotion to Secretary of State Be Harmful to Women?: Just hours before the rumor became truth, I took some time to consider why Senator Clinton should stay put in the Senate.

3] NYTimes finds a pretty & fun feminist!: The divide in the feminist community over Obama & Clinton came to a head with Marcia Pappas' press release. The NYTimes took that opportunity to position an older & not traditionally pretty feminist against a cute, young and hip feminist. It did nothing for the debate of the election other than paint Pappas as angry and Valenti as hip. As a feminist whose age puts me between both these camps I was totally pissed at the piece.

2] Are working moms happier than ones who stay at home? This was my first piece at Work it, Mom! and I think a nice critical look at how everyone jumps at headlines and needs to read the research before throwing stones. I like to reread it when I find myself guilty of this jump.

1] Larry Summers Is Not the Change I Was Expecting: This was linked all over the place and for a few days I felt like people were really interested in what I had to say. Yeah, that sounds all Eeyore-ish, but for a blogger who usually flies under the radar, this was quite the coming out piece.


blue milk said…
Thanks for posting this - I'm really looking forward to reading some that I haven't already.

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