Site Review -

I am not a housekeeper. I'm not a decorator. My house doesn't have a theme or is all color coordinated. Heck, my home is barely clean enough for the babysitter to come over at a moment's notice. So when I was asked to review I was skeptical. Oh, another site that's going to make me feel like a failure because I'm not Martha Stewart.


I really like the site. And this project is a prime example of why I like it. It's so simple AND pretty. Seriously the project in the photo is just rock salt and some twigs from outside. Um, I can do that. Next step...the kids birthday party section & the gender test!

OK, there are princess themed parties, but honestly, it's a must for any party site. But what I like is that the rest are not boys, but for any kid. The Mad Hatter party theme is awesome because it allows for the girly girl tea party but with boys involved.

My house still will be messy, but at least when it's time to host a party I know at least one site to check out that won't make me feel like I have to take the weekend off to decorate.

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