Christmas is over and it wasn't as hectic as it could had been and that is due mostly to the sad fact that my dad, younger sister & her son didn't get into Chicago because their plane from NC was canceled twice on Tuesday. The weather sucks right now. Our daughter was heartbroken that her beloved lil cousin wasn't going to be sharing Christmas with her, but she seems to have understood.

And because of the cancellation of our family Christmas dinner, I was stuck with a 10 lb ham in my fridge. I don't eat ham - It was for my husband, sister & dad. Yeah....we cook big on holidays. So on Christmas eve I spent a few hours on the phone looking for a home for the lil piggie. The kid & I ended up taking it to the Lincoln Park Community Shelter. It was a nice lesson in giving & appreciation for what we have.

We've had snow, fog, and now it's pouring rain. Ugh.

Hopefully I can get back on the writing wagon especially since I've been slacker girl the past few days. Today was cleaning day and most of the house looks good. The living room still needs some work and our bedroom is its usual mess. I still need a new closet. I swear that will do the trick!

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas Day...whether or not you celebrated anything.

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