I love my readers!

I do apologize for being such a blogging slacker lately, but work has me utterly swamped. Get this, I have a letter of intent due on the 28th, a grant resubmission & panel proposal due Feb 15th and I'm late on my encyclopedia of motherhood entries. They are pretty much done, I just need to do a lot of formatting. I seriously need to learn to start out with the formatting! Ugh.

Anyway, the good news this week is all about the Fair Pay bills churning their way thru the Congress. Annie pointed out in comments from last year's vote that:

And that is Hillary Clinton and Tom Harkin's Bill. : ). Obama will get all the credit, but all he's doing is signing it, but know whose bill that really is. : )

OK, so some might think this is residual Obama bitterness from the primary. But I think she's right. Yes, he's going to sign it (much like LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act), it was HRC's bill. We need to remember what the Senate has lost and what the world has gained by her being Sect of State. We also need to remind people of the positive difference she has made and will continue to make in this world. Yes, yes, I've heard the criticisms of HRC and mostly I agree with them.

But sometimes I think we are too focused on the negatives that we can't see the positives. Well, unless you drank the whole glass of Obama Kool-Aid anyway. ;-)

As we prepare to enter a new era of American politics, let's remember to keep an eye on the prize, but not get too bogged down by too many of the stumbles. But to also not let whomever is in power to get away with too much shit. It's gonna be a bitch being in power, eh?