Looking ahead to 2009

Instead of resolutions for this new year, I want to make goals:

1) Not to accept anymore book reviews until I finish the ones I'm already committed to. Speed reading thru books is not fun or lend itself to a quality review. That said, my to-be-read-and-reviewed pile includes: Feminist Mothering, Labor Pains, Dancing at the Rivers Edge, and Dream in Color.

2) Be more physically active, even if that is walking more around campus (hurry up spring!)

3) Apply for two NSF grants

4) Write one journal paper for work

5) Write one magazine article (most likely not for a magazine you'll find in the check out aisle)

6) Get one op-ed accepted in a newspaper...even in this time of shrinking newspapers and space

7) Limit my blogging to only one more new blog...Someone's already approached me with "I'm brewing an idea." So she gets my one slot.


9) Reorganize my home office into more of a study/lounge/sun room since I don't work in it anymore

10) See my friends in social settings rather than just in work/networking settings

11) Be productive & relaxed during my daughter's gymnastics lessons = Starbucks + book

12) Have more fun with my family

Hmmm...one goal a month, that should be enough right?

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