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06 February 2009

BUST is back

...on my good list.

I use to subscribe to BUST many years ago then didn't renew after a series of issues, maybe 3-4, where the cover woman would say "I'm not a feminist, but..." WTF? I purposely subscribe to feminist magazines and I get 3-4 issues of "I'm not a feminist, but..." in my mail? Oh, hell no!

Every once in awhile I'd poke around BUST at the bookstore, but it never satisfied me like it did back in the day...UNTIL this issue.

The interview of Amber Tamblyn is KICK ASS. I have adored Amber since her days on "General Hospital" as spunky Emily, orphaned girl then adopted by the rich, powerful & crazy Quartermaine family. I never got into any of the other Emily's after Amber left. The other actresses never had that spark.

I'm thinking of subscribing again, but I might just pick it up at the bookstore more often. Or snag the issue after a certain friend is done with her issue.

BTW - Amber, if you're reading. I'll go to breakfast with you anytime I'm in NYC. I'll be there in June. Give me a buzz!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! I got the last issue of BUST because Jenny Lewis is on the cover (and I love her). So I totally dig that feeling. I don't think Bust is the best mag at there by any stretch of the imagination. But I still think its enjoyable!

Jezebel said...

Yeah, AmTam rules, and that was a great interview.


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