I'm back from a quick jaunt to the beautiful Northwest. I have family in the Seattle area and I needed to visit them. Without too many details, let's just say that my godparents are about 70 and not in the best of health. That said, the kid & I did have a great visit with them and one of my friends who moved out there.

I love that part of the world and it's always a bit heartbreaking to arrive thinking it's just a visit and not a move. Yet I also love the hustle and bustle of Chicago. (Note to PR people, I don't live in NYC or Philly, k?) But almost 5 days without real internet access (my Treo keeps me connected, but my laptop was used more for movie viewing.) was rejuvenating. I dunno why the suburbs of Seattle are more appealing to me than the suburbs of Chicago - perhaps the hiking & beaches?

I returned to work to find that I did pass hurdle #1 for a grant, so I need to ask your patience again as I try to scrounge up government funds for my day job. I seriously canNOT wait for the stimulus funds RFPs to hit my inbox. I also have 2 requests for collaboration for other grants. It's good to be wanted, but not at the same time! haha...Seriously, it's good. All good.

Until I can get some real blogging for ya up here, follow me on Twitter (my outlet for now) or at least help me pick a new pair of rainboots! The candidates are on my Twitter profile & yes, you can leave your votes here too.

Love & miss yas!