Shameless Self-Promotion

I have a new piece over at RH Reality Check on a pending bill here in Illinois:

Illinois could be on the verge of passing one of the most progressive reproductive health bills, the Reproductive Health and Access Act, any state has seen in a long time. HB 2354, now being considered by the full House, must be on the verge of passage, because the anti-choice voices in the state are throwing around lie after lie in any venue that they can find themselves in. Reports that children are coming home with flyers asking their parents, including at least one Illinois State Representative, to oppose the bill, are coming in from around the state. One elected official was called out during Sunday services.
There's also a Facebook group for the bill, so please join! And invite others!

Madama Ambi interviewed me for her podcast show, Interview4Obama. It turned out pretty good, IMO, especially since it was our second attempt at this. The first time we tried a video podcast, but the sound was horrible and somehow my image was lost. Oh well!