What Should Sarah Palin Do?

Clearly Sarah Palin wants more out of her fifteen minutes of fame. Recently she even appointed a woman who use to volunteer for Planned Parenthood to the Alaska Supreme Court. Is this a sign that Palin isn't as right-wing as she showed during the campaign? If so should we take comfort in that or take that as a sign she's just another pandering politician?

But news broke a few days ago that Palin's daughter, Bristol, broke up with her finance and the father of her child. Rumors have been flying, tabloids chock full of half-truths and who comes out to set the record straight? SARAHPAC.

What the fuck?

I echo Jill & Gloria's opinion that Bristol is a big girl, she can talk to the press herself. She was fine in her interview with Greta and I'm sure she can handle a gaggle of media hounds. All she has to do is make a short statement and then walk away. I'd love to see her come out and give the finger to the media. She's just a kid who is trying to figure out this life of hers.

Many of us half-joked that Obama's win was also Bristol's win. That if McCain & Palin had won, there would had been a wedding. Now Bristol is free to make her own decision. Hopefully she has always been free to make those decisions.

But what of Sarah? Is her attempt to stay in the public eye hurting Bristol? Should she take Bristol into account before calling for a press conference? Is there a way for a mother to hold a public job like Palin does AND respect your daughter's privacy in a tough time? Where does Mother Sarah end and Governor Palin start?

Maybe this is the time for a family vacation to somewhere warm and sandy for some R&R, family bonding, hell whip out the board games.

I wish Bristol much luck in finding her footing.