Last night my husband & I went to see Gabriel Iglesias aka Fluffy at the Improv out in the burbs. He won me over with his impression of Bill Clinton.

With all comics they dabble in stereotypes. There were three warm-up comics and the second one thought that stalking was just toooooo funny. Bleh. But Fluffy? I think that because he really just tells stories from his life and laughing at his weight, he seems to stay pretty far from the sexist and homophobic jokes that comics usually swim in. the first video I link below does have a stripper joke, so he's not 100% clearn. Also because he does voices one could say that he does dabble in racist jokes.

But he does reveal moments of racism that happen in his life. One of the stories he told was being out in the burbs a few years ago and being asked for ID by the local police. He just pointed to his poster. Seriously, the way he tells it AND if you are from the Schaumburg area, you totally got the joke.

One of the highlights of last night was his revelation to the audience (at least for me, I'm a fan, but don't follow all his news) that he has diabetes. The audience went "Aww..." He said, "Come on, like it's a surprise!" He told us that he's been drinking nothing but water this week. Then told of fans who tell him, "But you won't be Fluffy if you lose weight!" His response? "Yeah, but I'll be alive!"


These are two of my favorite clips:


Gabriel Iglesias - Stand Up part 2