Our weekend

Now that it's almost the weekend again, I think I can finally write a bit about last weekend.

Amy & her daughter came for a visit. This is their 3rd trip out here together. Amy's visited a few times on her own, which is awesome, but always hard to explain to the kid on why HER BFF isn't here, but mine is.

First I have to say that Amy & I joke about how the girls are twins. And spending a few days with them, they really are so alike. Amy's daughter is a rougher & tougher version of mine, but essentially they are two peas in a pod. It took a bit of time for the kid to learn that it was ok to push back - not just literally, but verbally too - when Izzy was being a bossy. So yes there were tears on both sides.

Both girls have a HUGE sense of fairness. So Izzy complained that the kid had more of this or that. The kid would cry if I scolded her for something that Izzy might have started. Essentially Amy & I were co-mothers of siblings for the weekend. AND THEN SOME, because not only are our girls heart & headstrong, but they are both only children. In reality, Izzy has a step-brother and a half-brother, but they both live with her dad in another state and Izzy lives with Amy. So in Izzy's world she's an only child and the oldest child.

For the vast majority of the time, we had a great time. Cinnamon & Andrew joined us as we took them around the city, did some touristy things, some not so touristy things and just had a great time hanging out. Friday night us grrls stayed up waaaay too late just talking, venting, sharing stories and even some crying (which was so good for me!).

Amy & I met online around the summer of 2001 I think. I can't even remember. But I do remember that she was one of the few people I told that I was trying to get pregnant. And then we were pregnant at the same time! So we were pregnant together. Lemme tell ya, there's few things that can bond ya like being pregnant together and having someone to share your fears with.

We're not twins althou we share a lot in common. She likes to say that she's not quite a feminist, but anyone who teaches women's history in a high school is a feminist in my book. Her journey thru motherhood is so not like mine (divorced single mom vs married mom with a supportive husband) but in some ways it's better that way. We don't know each other's lives, but we're always willing to listen, learn & be supportive. And sometimes we, ok mostly me, will read the other the riot act. I tease that we should write a children's book about the girls ala "City Mouse, Country Mouse."

I love that we're just alike enough to be friends, but different enough that I know I'm not talking to a yes-woman. Now to get my butt in gear to visit her in Maine!