Review: Sticker Sisters

It's common knowledge that I have a thing against the princess-ification of our daughters' childhood. But sometimes you need to use the princess to kill the fairy tale. Case in point the wonderful t-shirt the kid is sporting.

The t-shirt reads:

"My kind of princess escapes the tower, outsmarts the dragon and finds the treasure."

Hell yeah.

You can see in a close-up that the shirt also has a comic strip feel to it. Lil Miss Smartypants had me explain to her how a big dragon could be kept in such a small cage. Why didn't he just fly away? *sigh* So much logic in such a small body!

She loves the shirt because it's pink and I love the shirt because it has a fabulous message. I do have to say that the kid likes the message too since it reminds her of "The Paper Bag Princess."

It's so hard at this age. I'm teaching her to stand on her own two feet, yet stories, media & I dare to think, friends reinforce the prince saves the princess theme. I can tell she's confused when we read empowering stories. Thankfully we have Princess Leia & Wonder Woman (she's a princess!) to help guide the way. Can you believe she tried to tell me that Leia only gets rescued? Hello? SHE killed Jaba! Hmmm...maybe she's more of a radical feminist than me? Only time will tell!

Thanks to Sticker Sisters for providing the kid with the shirt. While this was a freebie, we do have Sticker Sisters band-aids that I bought at a NOW conference. Not to mention the lil shirt I bought for another pink-princess-loving girl in my life. BTW if a certain husband is reading this...they do have this shirt in my size!! Mother's Day is a coming!