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01 May 2009

Letter to the Editor

I'm posting a letter to the editor that I sent a week & a half ago and was never printed.

Kudos to Naperville Police & Female Bar Employee

Kudos to the Naperville Police and the alert "female employee of the bar" who saved a woman from a rape. Shame on Bill Bird for framing this story as a desperate man looking for love. This was a planned rape and if not for the bravery of the employee, the phony 911 call would have turned into a real one...But from the targeted woman. Men may think that it is ok to take home a drunk woman and have sex with her, but unless you get a clear "Yes, I want to have sex with you." it's called rape. Got it? You need consent for sex, without consent, it is rape. No matter how much a woman has been drinking, what she is wearing or how desperate you are. It's rape.

The article that I was responding to:

Headline: Man wants date ... dials 911

Some men go to extraordinary lengths to be with women.

James A. Rush was so smitten with a woman he met last week in a Naperville bar that he called in a phony 911 report of gunfire on the city's far northwest side, according to a written Naperville police report.

Rush, 33, now faces trial on a charge of placing a false 911 call. The three-page police report indicated he did so in the hope officers who were checking on the welfare of a drunken woman would race off to investigate the "gunshots," giving Rush the opportunity to take the woman home.

Read the rest of the story.



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