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10 May 2009

My Mother's Day

Six years ago I was six months pregnant and marked Mother's Day by graduating with my masters degree and then jumping on a plane to see my dying mother. Since then I've "hated" Mother's Day. Cause seriously how do you celebrate a day when your own mom isn't around? Especially each one I mark with my daughter is one more that I don't have with my own.

This weekend that all changed.

My adorable and loving daughter went crazy for Mother's Day. She not only decorated a flower pot at school and made the requisite hand print card, but she also asked her daddy to go out for flowers. She picked out two cards for me at the store - one from her and one from the doxie that said "Mom...It's mother's day. Hot dog!" That totally cracked her up.

It wasn't the things that she gave me but rather how she presented them to me...with total joy and pride. It's hard to explain or describe, but I haven't felt that wave of love for motherhood in some time.

What I think I felt today was that turn I've needed to make for six years. Not so much to "get over" my mom's death as I've been told, but more of a moving on moment. And it feels fabulous.


twobroadscasting said...

That was a great post..thanks for sharing..see how lucky your daughter is to have you..they grow up so fast treasure those moments....Beth

Anonymous said...

Great post.

This mother's day was my first without my mom. She died four months ago due to complications from multiple sclerosis. She was only 61. I thought I was doing okay, but then I blew up at an unsuspecting coworker today for saying something derogatory about Miss California. It deserved a reaction, but perhaps not the violent, full-body one I gave him. I was close to punching him in the face.
I have never been sentimental about mother's day, as it is a hallmark holiday and all, but it is undeniable that there is a lot of tangible energy on this day. It is impossible to escape it.

Kim Moldofsky said...

Actually Mother's Day is not so much a Hallmark holiday as an anti-war holiday. A time for mother's to band together and protest the nonsense of sending our sons (and now daughters, too) off to war.

I'm so glad you had this moment. And also glad that you blogged it. Not only was it nice to read, but it's going to be wonderful to read again when you have a ranting adolescent (if my son is any indicator of things to come).

Happy Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

:) this post made me smile. enjoy those moments. give your daughter memories of her wonderful mother and remember all the joyful moments you had with yours and share them with her. i'm sure she'll appreciate that.


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