Live blog: 2009 NOW Natl Conference - Plenary V

Scheduled to speak: Rev. Dr. Katherine Ragsdale, Dr. Julianne Malveaux and Kim Gandy

**edited on Sunday, June 21, 2009**

sorry to anyone who came to view a live blogging of this session. I made an executive decision to skip this plenary for many reasons. One of which had to do with getting dinner early so I could vote early and then the kid and I could hit the pool. The other was that my arms and hands were tired.

Of course I do wish I had attended, not just for the speakers, whom I heard were excellent. But because apparently, from what I gather, Kim Gandy was asked about a handout that was circulating that showed NOWs finances plummeting. She said that it was a product of Sarah Palin followers. I was told it was from the O'Neill campaign. Someone told me they heard that Kim said that anyone backing the O'Neill campaign were Sarah Palin backers. Again, I did not attend this event.

I doubt that Kim said everyone who backed the O'Neill campaign were Sarah Palin supporters. I do know that there is enough evidence in the blogosphere, which I won't link here, shows that there were Palin supporters supporting O'Neill's campaign. Does that make O'Neill the Palin campaign? No. But it does mean that the Palin supporters are still angry that NOW and Kim Gandy did so much to elect Barack Obama.

I'll be in attendance to see the 9 am plenary this morning because I do owe it to my readers. I owe it to Latifa Lyles campaign. And I do respect Terry and Erin. I need to get to know Allendra, but one of my dear NOW friends has high respect for her, so I have high hopes for her leadership.