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08 June 2009

One last post before I go...

Why is it that we have to rely on the fucking sports section to read an all-out-rip on Da Mayor?

The City of Chicago, led by Mayor Daley and a vast and tumorous army of aldermen and bagmen and yesmen and opportunists and spineless, parasitic political-machine halfwits of forms never seen outside the roiling cesspool of governmental slop-trough greed, has proven itself unworthy of something as potentially delicious and fulfilling as the 2016 Olympic Games.

Bravo Telander!


Anonymous said...

i can't read your posts again. not sure if its my computer or connection or your layout...

Veronica said...

Weird...it's not just you. Somehow I think the background gets not loading. Hmm...Thanks for the heads up! It looked fine last night.


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