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100 Days after the Women's March

17 June 2009

This week

has been great!

Last week the kid finished kindergarten and doesn't start summer camp until next week, so I took this week off. We've had a lot of fun just hanging out together.

Today we went to the Shedd, but so did a million other people, so we decided to go hang out in Grant Park and Millennium Park. We ran into one my former bosses, which was great. She's a wonderful woman and for nine months was a fabulous mentor. The kid ran around in the Crown Fountain. Then we hit the comic book store. It was a great day.

I also upgraded to the Palm Pre and still trying to get the hang of it. Tonight I finally synced up my Palm Desktop with the Pre, which is kinda scary since now everything lives in a super secret online account and my phone. I keep comparing it to the Palm Treo, which I adored. But it was getting old and getting quite wonky.

So I hope that everyone's been having a fabu week too!

I'll be liveblogging the National NOW conference here or over on Twitter.



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