Birthday weekend

This weekend was my daughter's sixth birthday!

I can't believe she's six already. Where did the time go? Seriously?!

Saturday we had some of her friends & family over for a party. The weather was touch & go, but we were able to get outside for the breaking of the unicorn pinata. Of course, not everyone got a chance to whack the paper fantasy creature as the 3rd kid to really take a turn, the kid's boy BFF, beheaded the unicorn. The funniest part is that the kids didn't know what to do! The candy didn't scatter as the body was still intact. So I ripped it open and the kids went scrambling for the goodies.

Saturday night we want to a Chicago Sky game with family. It was a great game except that the kid is still scared of Sky Guy, so when he brought her cupcakes she didn't take it well.

But overall the weekend was great. And now I'm the mom of a six-year-old with the attitude of a 16-year-old. Wish us luck!