Where I am this week...

Feministe! And here is my post that isn't the intro part:

You might have read or heard stories coming out of Blogher 2009 about the amount of free shit that was given out. Companies have set their targets on mom bloggers (ok, certain demographically appropriate ones) for this free stuff in the hopes that we are so grateful we’ll write about it and you all will run out and buy it. One of my dear friends, Self-Made Mom, came home and decided to auction her swag pile on eBay:

so in a moment of materialistic Zen, I decided to do something a little rash (for me at least.) I’m auctioning it all off on eBay for charity (The Chicago Abortion Fund.) If you’re pissed you didn’t get Crocs (which aren’t in the bag, btw because I knew I wouldn’t wear them although they looked comfy), or you really want that Little Giraffe neck pillow, or you’re yearning for some more zip drives, PLEASE BID.

The auction is over and the winning bid was $182.50. Isn’t that awesome? A small bag of freebies will have a new home and CAF will have a nice new donation. I hear that someone might be rounding up that check to $300, which is CAF’s average sized grant.

I'll be there for the next two weeks, so please tip your waiter!