Let's talk donuts - Sweetwater Donuts specifically

Over labor day weekend the Feminista familia hiked it up to Kalamazoo, Michigan to visit our godson and his family. Somehow in the hustle & bustle of our lives, it had been two years since our last visit. When we head up there, it's all leisure time. I did bring two books with me and the laptop, but I only cracked open the laptop on the ride home. This allowed my brain to decompress a bit, althou we did have a quick laughing discussion over the Obama education talk.

Outside of catching up with the godson & his family, the best part of our trip was when the godson's mom mentioned to us, "Have you tried Sweetwater Donuts?" WHAA?? "Oh, they are named the best donuts in the country!" I whipped out the smartphone and brought up Google maps like Clint Eastwood in a western. And away we went!


Sweetwater's Donuts is a small donut shop. It looks innocently like any other mom & pop donut shop. You might drive right past it without knowing the evil that lurks inside. The menu looks innocent enough, eh?

But once you peek at the donuts, you know that you are in a whole different donut shop

 In this first picture, I tried the Strawberry Cheesecake. Oh this must have been baked by the Goddess herself. 
There are my heavenly strawberry cheesecake donuts on the top left. On the bottom left are the caramel apple, which were good. Kinda apple crumble like. Not goddess sent, but good. Same with the Black Forest, althou the godson's mom loved this one. The Black Forest is a chocolate donut with a cherry filling. 
This pic is a tad blurry, but hopefully you can make out that there are Reeses (good), German Chocolate (tad dry), Snickers (good) and a bunch others that we didn't try. We also tried the Peanut Butter & Jelly (yes, we sang as we ate it up and it was goooood). My favorite was the Elvis - Yes a donut filled with banana custard with peanut butter frosting. That donut I would drive the 4 hours to get again anytime. 
Thanks Sweetwater for a yumalicious time! And thank you godson's mom!