All Women Need to Stand with Erin Andrews - From Awearness

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Michael David Barrett has been arrested for videotaping and stalking ESPN reporter Erin Andrews.

If you haven't heard, an illegal videotape of Ms. Andrews was made as she was undressing in a hotel room and then leaked on the internet. Andrews was the victim of a crime.

A little background: Erin Andrews is often not taken seriously by other journalists. They believe that Andrews relies far too heavily on her sexiness rather than her skills. USA Today sports columnist Christine Brennan was caught on Facebook and Twitter essentially blaming Andrews for what happened, writing "I wish it didn't happen to Erin, but I also would suggest to her if she asked (and she hasn't) that she rely on her talent and brains and not succumb to the lowest common denominator in sports media by playing to the frat house." I can't read Brennan's Facebook page, so I can't verify. But that statement is pretty sad--and I normally love Brennan. Of course, Brennan tried to reframe her comments, saying she was speaking generically, but the damage was done. Only Carol Slezak of the Chicago Sun-Times stepped up to defend Andrews, decry the emphasis on her looks and tsk people who think this is all a joke.

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