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Book Review: Time for Kids: President Obama: A Day in the Life of America's Leader

You are warned: I bet this ends up being the next thing conservative parents will cry about on CNN and FOX News.

Why? Because today TIME for Kids launches their book, President Obama: A Day in the Life of America's Leader, on President Barack Obama and it's awesome.Not only do I love this book, the kid loves it too. This is a book I would have begged my parents to buy me when I was a kid. During the 4th and 5th grade I went thru my Presidential phase. I not only read most of a totally age-inappropriate biography on JFK (in other words, it wasn't a picture book) and made a zine of First Ladies (oh, what I'd give to still have that!) but I seriously was hooked on the White House.

This book gives kids a peek into the White House, the First Family and all the offices that make up the cabinet and the people who work there. It's a great primer for kids to learn about the three branches of our government, but especially the Executive branch. It even covers the primaries and the election. But the vast majority is focused on President Obama and how he's working to make our country better.

And that's where I suspect the controversy will come from. On page 41, the book tackles the economy with this line, "Obama and his chief economic advisors worked with Congress to draft and pass an important piece of legislation designed to help the economy." Then there is page 58 about executive orders that mentioned Gitmo and the White House Council on Women & Girls. You know that some far right wing critics of the President will cry foul and accuse TIME of brainwashing our kids. But note that socialism isn't mentioned once.

Of course if there was one about John McCain, I'm sure I'd roll my eyes thru most of it.

So, parents to the left of Olympia Snowe, go grab this book for your kids. If your kids are Barack/Michelle/Sasha & Malia-loving kids, they will love this book AND learn something about the way our government is meant to run. But don't fret conservative parents, there are a few scowling pics of Secretary of State Clinton, a smiling John Boehner and Senator McConnell.

Please get yourself a copy thru an indie bookstore or At the moment it isn't appearing on the Scholastic website, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was on an order form soon.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book thru a publicist. But I pretty much knew I'd love this book when it was offered. It exceeded my expectations.


Shannon Drury said…
Setting aside all of my not-so-subtle brainwashing, my children dig the Obamas because they love the idea of a couple of kids their age tearing up the White House. The Bush twins were of no interest to elementary-age kids.

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