Good riddance to Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

I hate it because it is all about the million pieces of junk we can buy that are pink.

The pink ribbon is everywhere. Ironically it is on things that just might cause breast cancer!
Breast Cancer Action calls these companies "pinkwashers." BMW, for example, gives $1 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure each time you test-drive one of their cars, even though pollutants found in car exhaust are linked to breast cancer.

Breast cancer is far too dangerous and serious of an enemy to be defeated by pink cleaning rags. From the earliest record of how a breast cancer patient feels to today's survivors who are saying "No thank you to the pink ribbon," it is clear that breast cancer can radicalize you.

It's easy for me to "Think Before I Pink" because I have issues with that uber-girly color. But even I had to do a double take when I saw that Dr. Susan Love has joined forces with Avon to launch Army of Women. Is this more pinkwashing? Or a real move to adjust the conversation from a cure for breast cancer to preventing it in the first place?

I honestly haven't a clue, but my first question is "What is in Avon cosmetics and could it give me cancer?"