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01 October 2009

What Is "Consensual" Sex? - From Awearness

Originally posted at AWEARNESS

Can you have consensual sex if you have been given drugs and alcohol? What if the person is your father?

Kristen Meinzer at YourTango didn't pull any punches when it came to breaking down Mackenzie Phillips' admission of "consensual" sex with her father. "Despite Mackenzie's choice to use the word "consensual" in describing her relationship with her father, it never really was," she writes, noting that Mackenzie describes their first encounter as rape, which taints the subsequent acts, that she consistently describes negative feelings about the relationship (which her father dismissed), that she was being fed drugs and alcohol by her rapist, and that sex between a parent and child is, a priori, non consensual.

This fact has been entirely lost in most of the media coverage of Mackenzie's revelation. Many stories have describe Mackenzie and her father as "sleeping together" rather than use the word rape. This is rampant in the media, as well as in the Phillips family.

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Shannon Drury said...

Compliance is a totally different thing from consent.
We have a lot of work to do.


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