As I get another year older...

I get that much closer to being a member of the Red Hat Society! I know I can join anytime...hehe. I've always chuckled at their antics and their new year resolutions don't disappoint:

Ruby RedHat's Top Ten Rules for Living Plus ONE

1 Accept reality and live in the here and now. Ruby can't be bothered by what-ifs or regrets. She says they interfere with her fun!

2. Accentuate the positive. Ruby always chooses to find the good in any situation she is faced with. She says she would rather develop laugh lines than frown lines.

3. Nurture yourself. Ruby listens to herself and provides for her own needs. When she needs a break, she gives herself one!

4. Indulge your sense of humor. Ruby heartily appreciates the value of laughter.

5. Play! Either Ruby never grew up all the way or she has regressed. In any event, she knows how to have a great time.

6. Dress up! Ruby adores embellishing whatever she is wearing with glitz, glitter, and glam.

7. Cultivate an openness to new things. Ruby will try almost anything.

8. Express your creativity. Ruby thinks "outside the box."

9. Exercise compassion. Ruby loves to laugh and cry with others.

10. Have courage! Ruby knows she is up to the challenge of whatever may come.

11. Make up for the sobriety of your youth! Ruby says that she, too, was dutiful in her younger years and now she has a lot of quirky stuff that she needs to get done!