World AIDS Day and Scarleteen

Originally posted at the AWEARNESS blog

In light of World AIDS Day, I want to spotlight an amazing resource for teens - Scarleteen. According to the website, Scarleteen "is compiled and written for a young adult population, primarily based in the information that population directly asks us for, and much of our information is more appropriate for teens and young adults than for older adults." And they mean it! If you're a fuddy duddy, stay away!

Scarleteen may not cater to oldsters, but for young people this site is fab. It treats readers as mature human beings with no sugar coating and no B.S. If you're just trying to get someone to take your side, this isn't the site for you. Scarleteen will tell you the hard cold truth.

The site has a great round up of HIV and AIDS facts. It's lengthy, but it covers most of the bases... if not all of them! And there's a great list of resources at the end too.

As with most independent resources, Scarleteen is in need of support. Instead of that ugly sweater you know someone in your family will buy you, why not ask them to send $10 to Scarleteen? What, you don't put sex education on your holiday list?

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