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Don't call me a Supermom

Life's been pretty good the last few years in terms of accolades, but with each accolade, I get asked "How do you do it all?" or get called a Supermom.

Answers? I don't. I'm not.

If I did it all, I wouldn't miss important networking events. This is the area where I really shortchange myself. I know I should be going to more networking things to get to know y'all, but when I spend 1-2 nights out doing activist stuff, I just can't bring myself to take another night to grab a drink. Not that I don't love ya, ok?

If I did it all, I'd spend 15 minutes a day on the elliptical keeping myself not in shape, but healthier than I currently am. I really should be. I'm 35. I'm my mother's daughter and she was about 38-39 when she was told she was diabetic.

Supermom doesn't need sleep. I do,

Supermom has it all "up here." I have an electronic calendar and if something's not in there, it ain't getting done.

Supermom keeps house. I don't. I am a clutter queen. And really, organization divas/mavens, don't even try pitching me. It's really a question of priorities and it's not one of mine.

If I did it all, my husband would be bored. He's a father and a wonderful partner. He's no slacker, so juggling all of our schedules is an Olympic event and the kid's only 6 1/2. Without him, I wouldn't be able to do half of what I do. Ditto for my chosen family members who are there for us when we need a babysitter, I need a pick me up or when I need someone to jump up & down in celebration of me.

Part of my rejection of "doing it all" or being a Supermom is that I know I fall way short. The other part is that by focusing on what I do so I can achieve a certain level of success is to ignore the work that those who love me do.

I truly, truly appreciate the accolades and the love people share with me. But I never want anyone, especially aspiring feminist moms, to think that I do this alone or single-handed. My wins are team wins...even if there is an I in Veronica.

Yes, I edited the supermoms in this post. that's what I get for writing quickly so late at night. 


Unknown said…
The term SuperMom should not exist. It´s unattainable, a fantasy to exist in a Marvel comic book.
It´s hard enough keeping up with ourselves and our own demands to try to reach those of the Super Mom.
I too need at least 15 min in an elliptical. Oh, yes I do.

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